hourse hourse

    Once upon a time there were our ancestors – furious and fearless warriors.. Europe on horseback, cross the abysmal steps of Asia, they brought fear and respect with their exceptional skills in horseback riding and archery.
    Unfortunately, the present world of state of-the-art technologies alleviated these ancient skills.
    Horseback archery is a clue to reconsider our lives and imbed the spirit of the forefathers. The bow is not just a shooting tool to us is a key to physical and psychological perfection. The connection to a bow is a reverberation of the inner self. The contact with the horse enriches one’s life, opening a door to an affluent knowledge and perception of the world.
Each one willing to review all of these and to set foot upon the road of Horse and Bow is most welcome to join us. 



    My name is Vladimir Mustakerski and I am the founder of the Bulgarian school of horseback archery ”Vrazhda Glava.”.
    I am a member of the team of Lajos Kassai - the one who reincarnated and established the ancient traditions and art of horseback archery.
    Being his apprentice, successor and official representative for Bulgaria, I am doing my best to perfect the school of horseback archery and recreate our traditions that have been lost in the course of time.