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Lajos Kassai


Nowadays, in „ The Valley of Horses” in the village of Kaposmero., south Hungary, the steppe culture of horsemen is under a revival, because of Master Lajos Kassai - a modern warrior and philosopher.
Not only has he founded a school of archery, but also recreated the ancient traditions and culture of his people, to which he has dedicated his entire life.
    After a series of research and investigation, he has reconstructed the legendary reflex bow of the ancient nomadic peoples, retaining its traditional form with the addition of mother composite materials.

    Lajos Kassai’s autobiography::
„I was born on 16.09.1960 in the town of Kaposvar, Hungary. I was six when I made my first bough out of a bent willow branch. One cannot always perceive the rivers in his way through life. Sometimes, later, when you look back, you actually realize you destiny. I think we were born in this world not as “tabula rasa” but rather as the original destines of our souls, who have been forgotten, because of superfluous daily routine. Only those of us, capable of living without egoism, beyond the common sense, have the chance to find their soul again. Thus, I became bow craftsman. The bow was a thread of silk, as minute as a hair that I gathered and followed back to the world of my ancestors. My mind was full of horses, galloping in the steppes and arrows whizzing and snow-white yurts shining under the scorching sunlight. My inner realm was now revealed. I understood the revelation of my life. It was straight, a road leading to the ideals of horseback archery.”

    After two world records of twelve-hour horseback archery, he won a third of twenty-four hour, It cost him over twenty years of hard work and experience that culminated in these twenty-four hours.
„My first world record was in 1998, when I got 4238,18 pts out of 286 gallops, shooting over a thousand arrows in twelve hours.
My second world record was in 2002, when I got 7126.05 pts out of 286 gallops, shooting about three thousand arrows in twelve hours.
My third world record was in 2006, when I gathered 15, 596.43 pts out of 661 gallops and 5,412 shots.
    The thing that motivated me to set these three records is
basically the will to penetrate the inner, secluded corners of my world and to learn and discern between the capabilities of horseback archery. This registered world record was but a product, and not the goal. The quality of this reminiscence is determined within our consciousness, the pain is intolerable, but when our goals are in harmony with our abilities, suffering lasts not. The complexity of body, spirit and souls is the ground of harmony and consolation in our life.”

   His dale is visited by people from all over the world, learning horseback archery. The result is ambient in more and more schools, not only in Hungary, but also worldwide.
Subsidiary schools train an increasing number of horsemen in Germany, Austria, the USA, Canada, Slovakia, Greece, New Zeeland, Norway, etc.