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Other Opportunities

Our guests can::

•   Be trained in horseback riding
•    Take part in horseback riding trips
•    Ride in the mountain.
•    Be trained and practice archery on land and horseback alike
•    Reprieve in our yurts
•    Train natural horsemanship

The school offers further opportunities to:

•    Spend a night in an authentic Mongolian yurt (all inclusive)
•    Team-building
•    Business meetings and training
•    Environment-friendly life
•    Hiking and angling

Special discounts for subscribers and corporate clients


Organization of archery and horseback riding seminars

The training includes:

Exercises in archery

Three-phase bow shooting

Bow shooting in different directions (forward, sideways and backward)

Horse psychology

Horse training

Horse riding

The training takes place each second weekend of the month from 10 am to 6 pm


Each third weekend of the month there is a demonstration of horseback archery, when you can attend our trainings. Start 10 am. The program includes archery and horseback training and a demonstration of horseback archery in the end, The attendees can ride a horse, practice archery and rest amid pristine mature or in any of our yurts.